Following are the terms and conditions for sales of products by GuSt ehf on the website
Kindly review these terms that you are obliged to agree to before you can complete your order in our shop.

1 - General
The webshop is owned and operated by GuSt ltd. (registration no. in Iceland, 490103-2010, hereinafter called „the seller“). All prices and information on the website are subject to input errors and typos and we reserve the rights to make changes without notice. The seller reserves the right to cancel orders because of e.g. incorrect pricing information or to discontinue individual products or product categories without notice. In case an order needs to be cancelled because of the above, the product will be refunded in full within two business days from the date of purchase.

2 - Delivery time
Products marked as available in the webshop are delivered within two business days from order placement and reception of payment by the seller. In case products are sold out or otherwise not available, the seller will contact the buyer by e-mail or telephone as soon as possible. In case of the ordered product being unavailable the seller will refund the buyer in full within two business days. Products that are sold out for an extended period of time are either removed from the webshop or given a special label. The deliverytime indicated on the sellers website is based on average deliverytime from the post/courier used. The seller is not responsible for any delay in delivery incurred at the post/courier beyond the timeframe indicated on the sellers website.

3 - Dispatch
Products purchased from the webshop are delivered as specified by the buyer in his order confirmation. When the buyer or transportation company has signed for the reception of products, the products are considered delivered by the seller and the responsibility of the products is transferred to the buyer. If the products are sent by post or any other transportation company (courier etc.) the terms and conditions of the relevant transportation company on the handling and delivery of the products apply, once the seller has delivered the products. The buyer may need to pick up the products from the depot of the transportation relevant transportation company. The seller does not guarantee delivery to the door of the buyer.

4 – Transportation cost
Sending products overseas (from Iceland) transportation cost is added to the total value of the order of products. If for any reason the products need to be returned or refunded, the transportation cost is not refunded. The seller reserves the right to collect transportation cost on returned products if the returned products are not deemed faulty.

5 – Payment method - credit card security
Overseas orders (orders outside of Iceland) in the webshop can be paid by credit card only. All processing of credit card information in the webshop is made through the secure payment gateway of Borgun ( in Iceland. All credit card information is encrypted to ensure the safety and privacy of the buyer. The seller stores no credit card information from the buyer.

6 – Return and refund
The buyer can request to return the ordered products within 14 days from the date of purchase. An unused product can be returned against refund within 14 days. Transportation cost is not refunded unless the returned products are deemed faulty. If the buyer wishes to return products, the buyer needs to arrange for transport to the original point of dispatch in Iceland. Returned products need to be in the original packing with all manufacturer labels attached. Products that have been used/worn or washed/cleaned cannot be returned.

7 - Warranty
The seller provides warranty against manufacturing flaws. The warranty does not cover wear, tear or improper handling or cleaning by the buyer. In case the products need to be replaced, the buyer will receive the same or compatible products as replacement. The value of replacement or refund can never be higher than the value of the original products.

8 – VAT and invoices
All prices for overseas shipments (outside Iceland) are in euros (EUR). No local tax (VAT or other) is included or applicable. The seller is not responsible for any local tax or duties that may apply in the buyer’s country. Any local tax or duties in the buyer’s country are solely the responsibility of the buyer.

9 - Confidentiality
The seller promises to keep absolute confidentiality about any information he has about the buyer in relation to any business transaction. Information about the buyer will under no circumstances be handed over to a third party. An exception is buyer information that needs to be sent to the credit card company for processing of credit card transaction.

10 – Governing law
Where applicable, the Icelandic laws on remote sales (no. 96/1992) govern these terms - also the law on transactions of goods and services (no. 50/2000) and the law on consumer transactions (no. 48/2003). Should any dispute arise between the buyer and the seller over any transaction between the parties, the jurisdiction shall be Iceland and any case heard before the Reykjavik district court.